How to Press Your Own Wedding Flowers Wedding flowers are an essential part of any wedding ceremony.

They are a symbol of love, beauty, and happiness. They bring color, fragrance, and texture to the event. However, wedding flowers can be expensive, and sometimes you may want to keep them as a keepsake after the ceremony. One way to preserve your wedding flowers is by pressing them. In this article, we will explore the process of pressing your own wedding flowers.

In this article, we will be discussing how to press your own wedding flowers. Pressing your own flowers is a cost-effective and meaningful way to preserve your wedding day bouquet. Not only does the process allow you to keep your flowers as a memento, but the resulting pressed flowers can also be used in various DIY wedding projects, such as creating artwork or incorporating them into your wedding invitations. In this guide, we will share the steps to pressing your own wedding flowers and some tips to help you achieve the best results.

The Art of Pressing Flowers

Pressing flowers is an ancient art that involves flattening and drying flowers to preserve their beauty. The process of pressing flowers involves placing the flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper and pressing them with a heavy object. The flowers are left to dry for several days, and the result is a flat, preserved flower that can be used for decoration or art.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Before you start pressing your wedding flowers, it’s essential to choose the right flowers. Not all flowers are suitable for pressing, and some may not retain their color or shape after pressing. The best flowers for pressing are those with a flat shape, such as daisies, pansies, and violets. Roses and other flowers with a thick center may not press well.

Pressing wedding flowers is a great way to preserve them as a keepsake and save money on expensive floral arrangements. Choosing the right flowers, preparing them correctly, using absorbent paper, being patient while they dry, and storing them properly are essential steps for successful flower pressing. There are also various techniques, such as microwave pressing and iron pressing, to experiment with.

Preparing the Flowers

Once you have chosen the right flowers, it’s time to prepare them for pressing. Start by removing any leaves or thorns from the stem. Arrange the flowers in a way that allows for easy pressing. You can either press the flowers individually or in a group.

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Pressing the Flowers

The next step is to press the flowers. Start by placing the flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper. You can use blotting paper, tissue paper, or even newspaper for this purpose. Make sure the flowers are arranged in a way that allows for easy pressing. Once you have arranged the flowers, place them between two heavy objects, such as books or bricks.

Drying the Flowers

The flowers need to be left to dry for several days before they are ready to be used. The drying time will depend on the type of flower and the humidity level in your area. It’s essential to check the flowers regularly to ensure they are drying correctly. Once the flowers are dry, you can remove them from the paper and use them for decoration or art.

Tips for Pressing Wedding Flowers

Pressing wedding flowers can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires some patience and attention to detail. Here are some tips to help you get the best results:

Choose the right flowers

As mentioned earlier, not all flowers are suitable for pressing. Make sure you choose flowers that are flat and have a thin stem. Avoid flowers with a thick center or those that are too delicate.

Use the right paper

The paper you use for pressing the flowers should be absorbent and free of chemicals. You can use blotting paper, tissue paper, or even newspaper. Avoid using glossy paper or paper that is too thick.

Be patient

Pressing flowers is a slow process that requires patience. Make sure you give your flowers enough time to dry. Rushing the process can result in flowers that are not fully preserved.

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Store the flowers properly

Once your flowers are pressed, make sure you store them properly. Keep them in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. You can store them in a photo album or frame them for display.

Experiment with different techniques

There are many techniques for pressing flowers, such as microwave pressing and iron pressing. Experiment with different techniques to find the one that works best for you.

FAQs for Pressing Your Own Wedding Flowers

How do I choose which flowers to press for my wedding?

Choosing which flowers to press for your wedding will depend on your personal preference and the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding. Consider selecting flowers that are sturdy, have a vibrant color and will maintain their shape once they are pressed.

What materials do I need to press flowers?

To press your own wedding flowers you will need a flower press, parchment paper, a heavy book or stack of books, and of course, your flowers. You can also add additional decorative elements such as ribbon, stamps or other embellishments to create unique and personalized pressed flowers.

How do I press my wedding flowers?

The first step is to gather your flowers and arrange them between two sheets of parchment paper, making sure that they are spaced out properly and not touching. Place the parchment paper with the flowers between the pages of a heavy book or stack of books and weigh it down with additional books or a heavy object. Leave the flowers in the press for 2-4 weeks, until they are fully dry and flat.

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How can I use my pressed wedding flowers?

There are many ways to incorporate your pressed wedding flowers into your special day. You can use them to create DIY wedding invitations, as table decorations or as part of the bouquet and boutonniere. Additionally, you can frame them to create memorable keepsakes for you and your guests.

How far in advance should I start pressing my wedding flowers?

It is recommended to start pressing your wedding flowers at least 2-3 months in advance to allow ample time for them to fully dry and be properly prepared for use. Make sure to plan accordingly and give yourself enough time for the pressing process.

Can I press non-floral elements for my wedding?

Absolutely! You can press other botanical elements such as leaves, stems or even herbs to add texture and unique interest to your wedding decor. Just remember to keep these items separated from your floral elements when pressing to avoid any potential color transfer.

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